Aha! October 2015

It's a special month and not just because I tick off another year of existence in this mortal world... (go Libras go!)

October 2015 has morphed, quite unexpectedly, into a convergence of outlets for the sporadic and ill-timed creative activities of Dave and I. (The kids might have some stuff going on this month, too, but I can't recall.)  In other words, we're slammed. Slammed and grateful; albeit, slammed and a bit groggy as we wade through 5 a.m. emails and social media feeds. Yeah, we both work "real" jobs and have 4 very real kids. You'll hear about our coping strategies in subsequent posts....  but here's one: Give Yourself A Dumb Team Name! With an exclamation point!  Bonus points for referencing an 80's band!


Team AHA! in October  (that's Ash & Hanlon Ash) 

Won't you join us for something? In turn, Team AHA! is committed to attending more of our creative friends' events in the next year. Now mind you, we have those 4 kids so we can never really commit to anything but....

Saint Paul Art Crawl  - October 9, 10, 11   Tilsner Artists Lofts, St. Paul

Jen's arty stuff. Details here. I'll have a box of wine set aside for friends and family... (that's YOU!) 

Fall Flash Sale!  October 22  5-9 pm  Wander North Distillery, Minneapolis

Another one of Jen's arty sales, this time with a twist: it's a CLEARANCE sale! Think: overstock, extras, SUPPLIES (god help me!) and related ephemera. I am SO psyched to be part of this 1 -day pop up sale at the super cool Wander North Distillery. Get your Pre-Holiday Bargain-Fix ON from the likes of some very cool local Makers including Christy Johnson/Redshoes26;  Danielle Sakry;  Emma Holcomb, MAI;  Larissa Loden;  Michelle Brusegaard, MBMB;  Sarah Welch, Wooden Spoon Editions;  Marisa Martinez;  Jen Shaffer, Painted Fish Studio;  Kim Tschida Petters, Vandalia Street Press;  Lauren Neal, NEAL Jewelry;  Sonal Gerten, Tumblewalla; Kathy Kuhl, NelliDesigns; and more TBA! Anchor Fish and Chips will be on site. More details on Facebook.

Cinema Lounge @Bryant Lake Bowl - October 21  7-9 pm  2021 Trailer and Sneak Preview of Twin Cities

Dave's showing a scene from from his latest film, Twin Cities, which is still in production.  Rest assured, you'll be assaulted via Facebook with an invitation shortly. Join Dave and I for a beer, won't you?

The Twin Cities Film Festival - October 25     Official Screening of 2021

Dave's last feature film, shot entirely in the twin cities and mostly at MPR (where I work). https://www.facebook.com/events/511512722351197/   Please come see the screening in a real theater, you won't be disappointed. No really, you will NOT. Or else.  

Buy your affordable $12 ticket here!  I'll spring for popcorn...   Afterparty TBA.

And finally...

Team AHA is also available for appearances at your Halloween Party. Just sayin. We have a killer costume idea that needs an audience beyond the neighborhood kids. These ideas only come around every 5 years or so...

Ri-co-la!  Halloween 2010