#ArtAWhirl + Press = LOVE

From The LIne Media

This year, Northeast Minneapolis’ must-do spring art show—held in buildings throughout NE—has an app to help you navigate. That way you can get out of your rut and explore! In addition to perusing your favorite artists and their work in their studios, Art-A-Whirl has events galore, including weaving and gelatin plate mono-print demos, performances and music parties. We’re particularly partial, this time, to happenings at the Chowgirls Lounge on the third floor of the Solar Arts Building, billed as a new mod lounge space, which will include seating fromfindfurnish, paintings by John Alspach, letterpress prints by Kimberly Tschida Petters from Vandalia Street Press, and live music hosted by Indeed Brewing next door. Get your groove on, mid-mod style.

From Secrets of the City

Art-a-Whirl 2016: Beer and Bands

Posted on May 18, 2016 at 5:10 am

Readers keep asking us for some happenings during Art-a-Whirl and we keep replying “go to the art buildings and visit studios and buy art” and then readers reply “We will, really, but also what is happening, just tell us.” So, here’s what’s on our radar for the weekend—in addition to visiting the studios and buying art, which we’ll line up for you in tomorrow and Friday’s emails.

Go see our podcast audio engineer Adam at the huge 331 Club (and Sheridan Room) party that features Kill the Vultures, Bruise Violet, and many more. First Avenue books the stage for Indeed Brewing‘s Whirlygig party with beer, food, and big names like Bloodnstuff, Nato, Charlie Parr, Cherry Cola, and others. Upstairs from Indeed is the Chowgirls Mod Lounge, with food and cocktails. Bauhaus Brewing is bringing back their Liquid Zoo block party that fills up the whole front parking lot on Saturday with a pop-up record store, beer stations, Sonny Knight and 4ontheFloor and Bad Bad Hats and many more, and then on Sunday Made By Hands Art & Craft Bazaar (including beer-themed tattoos on site). Fair State has a bunch of live music. Go96 does the programming at612Brew, including Greg Grease and K.Raydio, and there’s a bunch of NEMAA artists on hand, too, so buy art from them. Go try a bunch of different waters at The Water Bar, it’s actually really fun.




It's Not All Unicorns and Rainbows

The last few weeks have been tough. This little side business of mine - the creative outlet - is decidedly NOT an outlet lately.

It's an inlet.

An inlet of stress, annoyance, tedium, and distraction.

I'm familiar with the ebb and flow of creative work, but it never gets easier. I'm usually pretty fried before a deadline. In this case, I'm getting ready for the upcoming Minneapolis Yoga Conference.

irony = a yoga conference causing stress

I can't begin to quantify the hours I've spent doing photo shoots of product, redesigning my website (twice), editing and uploading photos, syncing all my web outlets and accounts, making signage, posting to social media, etc. I have no formal training in any of this, so it's slow-going and I'm a bit of a hack. So many mouse clicks, so much repetition, and so much to learn. Actually, I LOVE the learning part, but there aren't enough hours in the day.

And then came this:

"Mom I've been trying to tell you I'm sad but you're always so busy."  


This work is not supporting me or my family.  I have a "real" job for that. 

In this moment, it's not even a good creative outlet. The "business" side of this small-and-not-yet-profitable business is a giant time-suck. And apparently, it's sucking me away from the people who are most important. 

So this is real life. I can't wrap it up with a pithy observation or inspirational quote. It's just going to suck for a while until I figure it out. 

"Real" isn't what we see or read online most of the time. It's not all dreamy filters, hand-lettered words of wisdom, photoshopped selfies and mouth-watering instagram feeds from hip restaurants. 

People ask: "How on earth do you do it all?" Here's how: 

  • I have dogs who pee in the basement every. single. day.
  • I have hair falling out from stress.
  • I have a bottomless box of wine.
  • I take Prozac.
  • I am 4-8 minutes late. For everything.
  • I drink a shameful amount of diet coke.
  • I cry. 
  • I yell.
  • Sometimes, I take my husband for granted.
  • I have expired tabs, unpaid bills, lost passwords, and split ends.
  • I have a Spotify playlists called "Pissed" and "Morose".

The truth: it doesn't all get done. It's not perfect. It's covered in dog hair, dirty dishes, dandruff and dust mites.

Don't believe the curated social feeds. We've all got our shit. Maybe we should share that once in a while. Now I'm off to launder teenage athletic gear, pick up dog poop, plunge the toilet, and dig some non-organic/frozen/prepackaged food out of the freezer for the kids.

Post-script: finding an image for this post pulled me out of my funk a bit. Go ahead and google "unicorns and rainbows". Thanks Internet!